an enduring collection of
sculptural lighting design
as a result of sophisticated
research and experiment
About the design

"GAUSTA is a pendant lamp which, 
while being a motionless object, 

transforms dramatically 

when you move around it."
"Like sunlight flickering 
through a dense pine forest, 

Gausta's light enchants its surroundings."
"Our design can add creativity to offices, 
eccentricity to living rooms and 
restaurants and make a good 
first impression at entrances."
"To us, a lamp accentuates a space

A lamp entails balance between 
a fixed environment and 
the movement of people

It has the potential to guide 
a room and its activities
like the conductor of an orchestra."
​​​​​​​"To be able to take full control 
over Gausta's shape and functionality
every single component is custom made." 
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