About us

ELPEE was founded by Jelle Grevink and Pepijn Determann. Since the beginning we work together as partners. Together we strive for sculpturality with sophisticated details and the playfulness of light.
Living in Delft, we work together with different local parties, from manual craftsmanship to modern machine work, to realise the intended detail and perfection in our designs.
Having an architectural background, we look at the interior mindful of proportion, materials and light. Which is being reflected into our lighting designs.
We design a lamp like a sculpture. Using modern techniques, the artistic intuition can be translated into a feasible design. In this design, we want to give a lively twist to the interior by researching the marriage of dynamics and harmony in a lamp.
Pepijn Determann​​​​​​​
Jelle Grevink​​​​​​​
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